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Sadie Luca
Not Made
to Fit in


Our Favorites



Inspired by the Countess

Elizabeth Bathory

[1560 - 1612]


"The Blood Countess" was rumored to have bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. They reportedly found one girl dead, one dying, and many more locked up when she was arrested.

After her trial, she was confined in her castle until death for the torture and murder of 80 young women [speculation of as many as 650].


What's your story?



Hip Pouch


Inspired by Betty Hill 

[June 1919 - October 2004]


Betty and her husband Barney were traveling home from vacation when they encountered a flying saucer in the skies of New Hampshire. The Hills tried to outrun the craft, regaining consciousness 35 miles down the road with no recollection of how they got there.


Through dream and hypnosis, Betty provided a detailed account of the experiments and interactions aboard the craft. Later in life, she was so consumed with UFOlogy she began to associate UFOs with any light or blur she encountered.


What's your story?

More than just handbags

Sadie Luca is more than just Handbags.  

We are Handmade Badass bags with a dark story.

Sadie is you. 

Sadie is me. 

Sadie is our celebrated journey through life. 

The ups and downs. The triumphs and defeats. 

Not wanting to fit in, 

but to kick ass and conquer.


Sadie is our story.


What's your story?


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