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Our stories echoed


Sadie Luca

Not made to fit in.


Sadie Luca draws inspiration from Retro Fashion, Vintage Medical, and all things Macabre.

We wrap that into every high-quality handmade piece to create a functional and extravagant handbag that we craft ourselves in Los Angeles.

Our bags are carefully named after women who make a notorious name for themselves.  Women who are right, wrong, devious, and shrouded in scandal.  Women who should've put the knife down. Women who stood up for their beliefs even though it cost them their lives.  

We all have a future. As we live in the present, the lessons from our past carve out our future.

We all have dark stories.  

Our stories stand out.  

Our stories don't blend in.  

Carry our voices and our tales with you as you weave yours.  

Each piece in our collection is a bit of our story.  What’s yours?

What sets us apart

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