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This is me

Sadie Luca is more than just Handbags.  

There are handbags that are Handmade and Badass with a dark story.

Sadie is you. 

Sadie is me. 

Sadie is my celebrated journey through life. 

The ups and downs. The triumphs and defeats. 

Not wanting to fit in, 

but to kick ass and conquer.


Sadie is our story.

Not made to fit in.


Sadie Luca draws inspiration from Retro Fashion, Vintage Medical, and all things Macabre.

Each piece in our collection is a bit of our story.  What’s yours?

Black Fabric

Services & skills

I bring
visions to life

I wrap high-quality and thought out daily use into each handmade piece to create a functional and extravagant handbag, crafted in Los Angeles.

My bags are carefully crafted and each item is one of a kind.  I no longer make production but one piece at a time.  Moving forward, no two Sadie Luca bags will be the same. Check on our site often to see what has been crafted and what is available.  

Have an idea for something?  I am willing to collaborate and work on projects to fit individual or business needs.  Please reach out with your idea for sample and final bag pricing.  Sample pricing begins at $200. 

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